Continuing Your Journey

Congrats on making it through the entire Computable book! You’ve come out on the other side ready to enter the Computable ecosystem and start building your own Computable data markets, libraries, and companies.

You might be now wondering how you can continue learning. As you’ve probably already realized, there’s a vast amount of material required to understand Computable from the bottom up. The system touches upon economics, systems software, blockchains, cryptography and more. In addition, the ecosystem is actively growing and maturing. Today’s Computable and tomorrow’s Computable will look quite different. How can you keep up?

The first place to get started is the forums. Join the community there and read through the many posts discussing design decisions. As you grow more confident, start discussions and participate in the community. Once you’re ready, you might have ideas for how to improve the Computable protocol and ecosystem. At this point, you might consider creating a “Computable Improvement Proposal” or a CIP. Take a look at the CIP repo to get started.

Decentralizing control and ownership of data will be one of the most important technological questions of the coming century. The members of the Computable community are drawn together by their passion for this challenge. We’re excited to see you join this voyage!